Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Dangerous products from China, Bad power cords.

We have all heard about them

The most notorious are the "Death adapters" Physical converter that change from one plug type to another.

Today I was wiring up a power supply for a test rig. Made my own little C14 socket box, to insulate it and make it safe https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3534755

I plugged in a C13 cable and tested my wiring.... It failed!!  My Neutral and Live where crossed over.

I thought ok.. maybe I screwed up, it does happen, this is why you test before applying power.

But nope....

The C13 power cord I picked at random from my collection is wired incorrectly. It came this way from the China factory!!!

So I re checked everything, making no assumptions.

Starting at the the NZ/AU plug I verified that the live and neutral pins where labeled correctly in the molded plastic.

The molded plug in question matches, even has the Insulated pins (another rarity)

Next the C13 Plug

The molded female plug in question matches nicely, no issue in the labeling.

Testing with a multi meter L to L,  no connection!  N to N, no connection!!!
But N to L and the other N to L are connected!!!

The faulty cord is labeled on the NZ/AU end is "KENIC N18070 KE-13B 10A250V~"
Lots of labels on the C13 end  "N15074" and "KE 24 KENIC 10A 250V~ A003828"

I opened up the cable. It has Yellow/Green(earth), Blue (neutral) and Brown(live) wires. It is real copper, not the copper plated aluminum rubbish (but that is another story)
The NZ/AU plug end is correct, but the C13 end is flipped

So if you have any "KENIC" branded cables, you might want to check them