Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Prusa MK2.5 installed

MK2.5 printed parts

I had pre printed the MK2.5 parts in black PETG prior to the the kit arriving.

MK2S stripped 
 Removed all the parts as the manual instructed, later the controller cover will also be replaced.
Parts that will get reused

Parts that wont get reused on this machine
 Controller cover parts will be added. One thing I didn't expect is 'they' don't expect you to re use any nuts, washers or bolts. They provide new ones for everything. 
All assembled again
 Just followed the manual, no big issues. One small thing is the heated bed cable cover, it takes 3 * m3x10 screws. But these are two long. In particular the one that holds the cover on the pcb sticks up to far and catches the door of the electronics cover. I replaced it with a m3x8.   
Test print
It still works! and now I have a removable build platform, bondteck gears, quieter fans and a (already obsolete as of mk2.5s) filament sensor.

I also noticed that the new firmware now shows estimated print time and counts down vs the the old firmware that just showed elapsed time.  (This is of course just passed to the printer in the gcode from slicer estimate)

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Prusa Mk2.5 upgrade

So I finally got my Prusa MK2.5 upgrade kit, and as I am writing this Prusa has released the MK2.5s... Typical...
Standard black package from Prusa.
A nice labeled box inside.


The contents.

Candy!! Almost the most important part.

Fist bag of parts.

Second bag of parts.

Third bad of parts.

Mini Black PETG spool.

Basic Instructions.

A new Handbook

Replacement wire wrappings

The magnet build platform

New bed for the magnetic build platform