Monday, 11 September 2017

Core XY update 3.2

Winter is passing and I have awoken from hibernation.

This is my second attempt to get 200 mm in the Z axis on my hyper cube.

I have lowered the aluminum cross bars as far as possible, and moved the 90 degree brackets to the inside.

This of course caused an issue where smooth rods and Z stepper motor now sits below lowest point of the printer.

I created new legs for the printer to raise it up again.

I have put the model for these legs on thingiverse and the openscad. Its parameterized so if you want to change anything you just have to edit the variables.

The printer now looks like this.

With a ruler and eye balling it, It looks like I may now have 200 In Z. I wont know for sure till I re install the electronics.

With all this space under the printer I am also looking at mounting the power supply and electronics under the printer. There should be about 60mm under the bed when its fully down.

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