Monday, 26 June 2017

Original Prusa i3 MK2 to MK2S upgrade kit - contents

I got this kit to make my machine even closer to a factory MK2s. In particular the smooth rods I used for my machine I borrowed from another machine with the intention of replacing them, then they released this kit and I thought problem solved.

So what exactly is in this kit, lets see

You will note there are no replacement printed parts, instead they give you filament and your meant to print your own!  They do provides models and even pre-sliced gcode for the main parts

In some ways I like this idea, but not in others, what if you have a power cut or some other failure? You can't get this filament, you cant just try again. This color "Safety orange" is made special for Prusa. Also the pre sliced only replaces the main parts, the extruder mainly. But if you look at the mk2s parts nearly every single part has been modified. Notably absent are new X ends, where the nut traps have been strengthened.

Also just how are you meant to print from an unspooled roll without making a mess? 

At this stage I have not printed these upgrades.