Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Core XY update 3.1

I upgraded my Z rod holders on the hyper cube

The way my rods are mounted the smooth rod covers the t-slot screw head, making it very difficult to tighten the screw or align the rods. So I created my own part with two offset screws for much easier access.

This can be found on thing:2167139

This also gave me an idea, the current lower Z rod clamps are not at the end of my Z rods.
So I could extend the mount downwards to hold it lower. Like this.
This should give me a little move Z travel? Yes it did, but there is a issue.
The lm8uu holder on Z hits the middle nuts. It used to hit the old part also. My solution, remove that screw. Now it moves as far as it can until it now hits... The Z stepper mount

So ultimately having the lower Z mount achieved nothing as you can't move down that far, but swapping the original mount for my new mount did enable me to remove that screw and give me full Z movement. Untill the Stepper mount is hit.

I'm now wondering about mounting the the Z stepper motor back at the top with the lcd screen elsewhere so it is not blocked by the stepper motor.