Sunday, 9 April 2017

Original Prusa i3 MK2 upgrade kit to full printer - extruder, LCD and electronics

I finally got my 625 bearings as was able to proceed with the build.

The extruder was a little fiddly but no real issues. Since the blower fan was self sourced the cables needed to be extended. I just made it the same length cables as the 30x30 fan cables. This needs a standard non locking 2 pin 2.54mm connector. The extruder needs a 5x16 shaft for inside the 625 bearing, this seems to be printed, probably in PET. I found a replacement.

I went to the local hardware store looking for something I could cut into a shaft, I sadly found almost nothing. In desperation I spotted some shelf pins with metal pins.

I chose to use the clear ones, as you can see the shaft doesn't have any ridges or other defects. I cut off the plastic with side cutters. The rod is a perfect 5mm x 16mm. The only down side is as its metal, this will make the extruder fractionally heavier. But fits well.

The LCD is an unknown as to what LCD electronics they use.  I used a geeetech 20x4. It fits well. The screen is in the correct place, the SD is in the correct place, the Knob and button are in the correct place, but somewhat short. The mounting screw holes are also in the correct place (about .25mm out, but not an issue)
I designed some small printed parts to make the MK2 lcd case work with my electronics.
You also need longer LCD cables, I made my own. These are 70cm long.

The heated bed went on without any issues, since I had tested the fit earlier.

The printer now looks quite good.
At least from the front. The back, needs work.
Lots of cables

I added the electronics enclosure, installed the electronics. Since everything has correct connectors and lengths, it really was just a case of plugging it all in and zip tie-ing it in place.

 The more observant of you will notice there is no power supply yet.

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