Saturday, 4 March 2017

Core XY update 2.8, first print

I've leveled the bed close enough, and enabled mesh leveling to compensate for the remainder (its as close as I could get it without using a dial gauge)

I’ve also set the nozzle distance from the probe so Z0 is correct for the hot end.

First print!

Just a few seconds of a test cube (still on slow ADSL here, so uploads are painful!)

The bed is still cold aluminium, here I am attempting to print on glue stick with PLA. Seems to work for this small object

Finished first print looks great.

Now I have it working I have a few comments about the hypercube.

It is very much a build in place design. If you expect to change things later there may be lots of dissembling involved.

Not all tslot is equal, the tslot nuts in my extrusion are tight, as is will not turn freely to get into correct position. I find I need to force the nuts into the correct orientation with some long nose pliers then screw them down. Another person I know whom is building a hypercube his tslot is so loose in comparison that they work as designed, ie they self orientate on tightening.

The Z build height is only about 145 with current parts. (Z tslot 350mm)
This could be increased 15mm ish by dropping the bed onto the alu extrusion and letting auto be leveling take care of any offsets. (ie remove the springs), Make sure your bed is still electrically insulated from the alu if you try this)
Secondly the Y lm8uu holders could be modified so the bed is at the bottom of the part, this would also add about 20mm to Z (others have done this on thingiverse)

The current Y smooth rod mounts, the mounting screws end up behind the smooth rod (slightly offset) these are not fun to tighten.

Lots of parts stick out the sides...  making it very hard to stick any sides on the machine.

I’m now going to diverge from the standard machine.
Make some of the changes mentioned above and put the re-arm on this machine.

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