Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Core XY update 2.7

All assembled, cables made tidy. Only the heated bed is still to be wired and I need to mount the power supply somehow. The standard mount is not sized the same as my supply and no cad files to re size...

I managed to solder the wires onto the alu heated bed by putting the bed on a hotplate on the oven at the lowest possible temperature. I watched the temp with a IR probe, it never got over 150c (not accurate but good enough) I would expect the pcb bonding agent to fail if it was allowed to get much hotter. I soldered the wires while on the still on hot plate.. Soldering iron in one hand, oven mit on the other. It worked really well, but I can't recommend this, just a tad dangerous.

NB your responsible for you own actions if you attempt this. Don't complain to me when you burn yourself.

Another small change.
The provided extruder cable support is for 16mm diameter, my tube is only 8mm
So I modified the part.

Source and stl can be downloaded from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2128333

Everything else so far seems to work, all axis, endstops, thermistors, fans, probe and hotend 

Hotend heat up and first extrusion into open air.

Next I need to find a nice way to level the bed. Previously I have just used a dial gauge, but can't seem to find that.  But the machine has a probe. There must be a way to get the machine to tell me how far each probe point is out...  There are quite a few probe options in marlin... reading up on those.

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