Friday, 6 January 2017

Core XY

I decided it was time to try something a little different a core XY machine.

I've gone for a HyperCube 3D Printer from Tech2C

I decided to start this just before x-mas, a terrible time to try and get anything shipped, consequently I am still waiting for many parts to arrive.

This is more or less what has arrived thus far. 

And I've printed most of the plastics, and assembled what I could with the m3 hardware I already had.

Today, finally, the m5 bolts arrived

I have assembled the basic frame, this is still loose, needs tightened. 

Some of you may have noticed the aluminium corner brackets I am using on the XY plane are different from those listed. I had these left over from a previous project.

The listed brackets are the right hand ones.  As you can see they are quite a lot smaller than the ones that I already had. They are also 20mm wide. A fair bit more substantial than the new ones.  I don’t think this will cause any issues, but obviously cant be used on the XZ and YZ plane as other parts are butted up against them.  

I've also used a bunch of standard tslot nuts, as they are more substantial than the ones listed. These of course do need to be put in place prior to the ends being closed off. You can't add them latter like the new nuts.

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