Saturday, 14 January 2017

Core XY update 2

Many M3's have been acquired and installed

Y axis is in place, the smooth rods from china where over length, +2mm, and had to be trimmed to size. This took some to time to trim, they are hardened steel.

Still no X axis rods, has been ordered and is coming from Australia.

I'm using a geared extruder as I intend to use 3mm, so I had to design a new extruder mount to match my extruder mount size requirements. I did my best to make it the same style as the original mount. Designed in Openscad, source is provided.

The Z axis is complete. I had to print a new Z axis nut mount as the standard one didn’t fit my Z nut. But the designer has nicely provided a few alternatives

The Z stepper mount internal hole was a little small for my stepper, but nothing a little filing couldn’t fix.

I have also hooked up a RAMPS and the Z axis moves! Zero wobble.

I have attached the Z lead screw support plastics at the top, just to give the lead screw some protection from potential damage and fingers. I may add a cap over the top of this at some stage.

I have assembled everything else I have at this time.

NB anyone else who wants to use m3 cap head screw (which I am quite fond of)
There are 6 places you can not uses these as the cap head is to tall.

The hotend mount to X carriage screws are under the fan on one side and the fan duct on the other, ie they need to be flush and cap head screws stick out.
Similarly the dual bushing to X axis requires screws with shorter head for 2 of the 6 screws as the hot end mount sits flush over them.
The belt did not come like this, it came loosely looped and tied with a bit of string. It annoyed me so I wound it up nicely.

I had to reprint my dual bushing holders as there was no way the bushing was going to fit. I reprinted them with a 0.9 extrusion multiplier as suggested in Tech2C's videos. This was a close fit, but I still couldn’t get them in by hand. I used a wood vice (wooden jaws) and carefully squeezed the bearings into place. This worked really well.

Now the long wait for the remaining parts...

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