Monday, 25 August 2014


I recently found out about a steel I3 variant the P3Steel

I ordered form  KITPRINTER3D (required vitamins to make a P3Steel from a Prusa i3)

The shipping here was horrendous!!!

It arrived and the box was is bad shape, it was obvious from the holes in the box that stuff had poked its way threw the sides.

On opening it I see why. The packing was pitiful at best.

One bubble wrap pocket and a few very thin zip ties. The pocket is literally one layer of bubble wrap on all sides. All 3 zip ties holding the bit of steel had been ripped open. The medium sized parts where free to move about after the zip ties failed. The rest of the large box had a token 9 of the air filled packing bags, these barely took up any space allowing for things to move inside the box quite freely.

The small pieces of steel where in their own small cardboard box.  This worked well, no pieces got free.

The Y rods where also just in a very thin bubble wrap but where zip tied. This was the only zip tie still intact. Surprisingly the rods seem fine.

Some of the laser cut Steel is not so fortunate.

Now I cant say with any certainly if the packing and shipping caused the issues, but something did. A number of the pieces are bent and scraped up.

The worse bent parts are the spool holders, so I wasn’t to worried about them. Second worse was the Y ends. If you place them together there is a 4 mm gap in the middle while the ends touch! But since they are both curved the same, I think it will be OK.  The Y plate is also not that flat. This will make levelling 'fun'

Other wise the quality of the parts look reasonable, baring in mind they have come straight off the laser cutter with zero clean up. There is some swarf stick to the plates and a clean up is required.

I have loosely put the kit together on an old newspaper (they are quite dirty)

The bed is off to one side for now.

No the pliers and Alan key didn’t come with the kit, but everything else did.

Some personal thoughts.

This Y plate is darn heavy!   I will give it a go, but will probably switch back to a aluminium one.

They changed the y plate from having 3 lm8uu slots to 4... this is bad..  The bed is over constrained. 3 are better than 4 in this instance. 
They provide T2.5 pulleys and belts.. just about everyone has standardised on GT2 belts and pulleys.

Proving new Y rods was a good move, but if they where really serious about this being an upgrade, they also should provide new Z stepper motor screws, as the original ones are to long to be used on the 3mm steel.  

You also lose the ability to adjust your Y belt tension with this. Some other creative people have already published work around for this on thingiverse.

With all its faults I still like this kit. It is a rock solid frame.