Monday, 16 June 2014

Origins of the news articles featuring my stolen image

I traced down the origin of where the 3d printing news sites are getting the article and my stolen picture from.

It comes from where they clearly say on this page that their extruder arrived May 11 2014.

This is a blatant lie!

The extruder they are proudly showing off is a photo I personally took of my own standard PLA/ABS extruder I made back in 2011.  (Original post)

I have contacted every site I can to advise them that this image is being used without my consent. And that the page it is on is a lie. 

So I decided to dig a little deeper...

Using Google image search for their first image of that nice printed pyramid. no surprise its also taken from the internet seem to have come from this article dated 2012

I suspect this entire project is a scam. Be vary wary when they start asking for money (or anything else)

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  1. Hello.

    We contacted Sagar. He apologised and removed the offending images straight away. He is also going to check his details to ensure they are accurate.

    One of the issues is that on Hackaday Projects ( we encourage people to start documenting projects from concept, usually when they don't have any pictures.

    Some people may use images not from their project for illustrative purposes or for research. If this is the case they should make it clear that is the case,
    cite them, and get permission where possible. We will make this clearer to our users.

    If you or anyone notices any other issues with images being used inappropriately on Hackaday Projects, at first you can you can contact me. You can also see our terms of use which covers user content and copyright infringement

    We are sorry that this is how you found Hackaday Projects, but do hope that this doesn't leave you feeling negative towards us. We want Hackers to be able to share projects honestly with each other and hope you will be a part of that.

    Please get in contact if there is anything else I can help with.