Saturday, 21 June 2014

Asteeg X5 Kossel mini update

I have wired up the power and motors and endstops of my Kossel mini.

The top stepper driver is the extruder and isn’t finished yet, is just there to test.

There is one got ya here.  I though  would be smart and remove the voltage selector jumper, so there was no voltage on the Endstop pins, making it imposable to accidentally wire up the end stops from VCC to GND.

Even though I was 100% sure I had wired the endstops correcty. When I tested them with the standard m119 gcode they always reported non triggered regardless of their triggered state.

This worried me somewhat... so  rechecked everything as you do... it was still wired correctly. So I took a look at the circuit diagram around the end stops. This is when I noticed the external pullup resistors wired to the end stop voltage selector. Turns out this board has external pullups vs the atmega internal ones I'm used to. I put the voltage selector jumper back in and the end-stops started working as expected. 

I updated the basic smoothieware configuration with the basics of my machine and proceeded with some simple moves. It did move but was so loud and noisy it worred me greatly.

After much mucking about, most of the noise was vibration in the arms. My traxxas joints are a bit sloppy. I did the standard test of motors on (to lock the axis) and push the effector. It moved, a lot more that I would have liked.
I have now added rubber bands over the traxxas joints. this his made it much quieter and all slop has gone.

The extra rubber band around the press fit connector is just to stop vibration 

Here is a video of it 'printing' a test 20x20x10mmm cube..   the extruder as you can see on the left still needs a little work (ie has still to be built!) 
The movement at this stage is still a little rough, considering the stepper are in 1/32 micro stepping mode...  something to work on.

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