Sunday, 18 May 2014

Kossel Mini build

I've been gathering parts for a Kossel Mini for a while...

Still not all of it, nothing for the extruder, and no glass (is in the post somewhere..) + some extra bits for spares and such. But enough to start the build

Quite some time later The frame and linear motion has been assembled. (about 6 hours, I was making sure everything was spot on)

Things Ive noticed: 

The BOM I am using says
  • 100x M3 stainless steel nuts 
It uses more than that.
3 * 10 in the lower frame
3 * 7 in the upper frame + bearing assembly + belt tensioner
3 * 20 for the lenear rods + endstops
2 for the extruder mount

Thats  113, and I have yet to attach a few things

2 for the electronics
3 for the build plate mounts
1 for the z probe toggle stand
119 + any more I haven't thought of yet. (LCD and spool mount for eg)

Assembly of the base and the top is a PITA, the M3 nuts love turning around so they will not fit in the slots!  "patience is a virtue"  They tell me, for this its a absolute must!


  1. What is that, two hot ends? going dual extruder, or just have a spare? what type is that?

  2. was originally purchased to play with dual extruder on a I3, but that hasn't happened. So just spares. These are v4 Aluhotend from (now up to v5)