Sunday, 18 May 2014

Kossel Mini build

I've been gathering parts for a Kossel Mini for a while...

Still not all of it, nothing for the extruder, and no glass (is in the post somewhere..) + some extra bits for spares and such. But enough to start the build

Quite some time later The frame and linear motion has been assembled. (about 6 hours, I was making sure everything was spot on)

Things Ive noticed: 

The BOM I am using says
  • 100x M3 stainless steel nuts 
It uses more than that.
3 * 10 in the lower frame
3 * 7 in the upper frame + bearing assembly + belt tensioner
3 * 20 for the lenear rods + endstops
2 for the extruder mount

Thats  113, and I have yet to attach a few things

2 for the electronics
3 for the build plate mounts
1 for the z probe toggle stand
119 + any more I haven't thought of yet. (LCD and spool mount for eg)

Assembly of the base and the top is a PITA, the M3 nuts love turning around so they will not fit in the slots!  "patience is a virtue"  They tell me, for this its a absolute must!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Azteeg X5 mini 32BIT controller

I ordered a Azteeg X5 a few days back, its here already!

This is a 32bit Reprap (and CNC, laser cutter etc) controller. It runs smoothieware

As you can see with it sitting next to the supplied SD card, its really small.

The only thing that is bugging me a little is there is no Ethernet support like there is on the smoothieboard, but there are lots of IO lines broken out, so it may be possable as an add one.

There is lots of documentation on suppliers site on how to set it up. Wiring, Setup