Sunday, 1 December 2013


My Ramps-fd arrived from geeetech

Previous stuff Ive ordered from here was quite good, but I'm not impressed with this board that much.

I was expecting the polyfuses, as has already been discussed in the forum, other people from now on should be getting real fuses.  But some of the edge connectors are rather twisted not aligned with the board edge at all.They also look far to small to handle 11amp for the HBP. The HB IN also looks very small, though larger than the the output connector.
Some jumpers are badly bent over (see jp1 VIN). Lot of flux residue is also viable. Boards not cleaned at all.
The bottom side is similar, very grotty, not cleaned and pins bent.
The Pins on the left hand have obviously been pushed in by someones figures!
Some of the pins are quite bent over. Its obvious this happened at the factory as the 4th pin from the right is far to low and has been soldered in like that!

Also no jumpers where supplied. So your going to need to find 22 jumpers.

This arrived very very well packed, about 10 layers of bubble rap, so none of the damage could have been caused by shipping.

But basically you get what you pay for. If you get one of these expect to change the fuses, and most of the connectors and it needs a few things straightened out.


  1. I purchased one of these as well- any luck getting it up and running? Which firmware are you using?

    1. Not yet running... to many projects. But others are using and is also meant to work.

  2. I just go mine as well, any close ups of how you have it wired?