Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Distracted by firmware

I've been distracted a lot by various firmware things of late.

Although some time back I've had formal training at programming at a university level, I've never used it. I've never done any firmware before, other than compiling existing stuff and simple mods, so it been an experience

The first project is https://github.com/ellensp/WS2812_serial_controler A serial interface for a WS2812 LED strip (and others)  This was the first step, next is to add the ability to talk to this into marlin reprap firmware so the reprap can control the LED strip. This is minimalistic for now, but working.

I've also gotten interested in the Smoothie project In particular the porting of Smoothieware to the Arduino Due. With this in mind I've created https://github.com/ellensp/Smoothie in the hope that a group effort can get this achieved. I'm well out of my depth here...  but will plod along slowly. Help would really be appreciated here. Especially related to porting mbed to Due



  1. Smoothie on Due , how is it going?

    1. sadly no where... I was hoping some people who knew what they where doing would jump on board and help... but no..
      Also with the Azteeg X5, which runs smoothie already... there is little intensive

    2. I got everything tuned so well I'd like to continue run Marlin, but my 2650 is choking on my mini-kossel if I try to do anything but the most basic prints. I need more cpu/memory.

      If I run something besides Marlin, then I have to decide between smoothie and linuxCNC. If the Due will run smoothie OR marlin, then that would make it a great next step.

      -GRB352 (from Delta Google Group)
      ps any interest in donating your due/ramps-fd, or selling cheap so I can take knock the dust off and take a whack at getting smoothie running?

    3. Due will not run smoothie or marlin at this time. ramps-fd is $28 new from geeetech.com, a Iduino DUE Board (clone) also from geeetech is $32. Im planning to run the Azteeg X5 running smoothieware for my kossel mini.

    4. Due wont run Marlin either? I knew it didn't have eeprom, but geez. So is there no choice for more marlin power?

  2. Marlin is only for atmega, not arm chips. The only one I know of that has working versions for both is Repetier-Firmware