Sunday, 4 August 2013

I3 Finished

Its been a couple of months since my last post.

Caught a nasty case of the winter blues, not wanting to do anything.


The I3 is complete!!

This is my sheet fame style Prusa I3

The back view, as you can see I use a 12v, 30A power suply vs a ATX. It is much cleaner without all the extra cables and voltages.

This is my 4pi board, thanks to Kliment from designing this nice ARM based reprap controller.  The wiring is still a little messy.

I went with a MGS extruder. Its wonderful! And since its all well defined gears, the e-steps is spot on. I also used a makergear hotend. Old school, tried and reliable.   

This is the very first print!  (blue on blue was not the smartest of choices though when you want to watch the first few layers being printed!) This is a continuous Z print.

There are still a few little things with my Y axis that I want to look into.

And a bit more tuning to do, bridging and such. But it basically done.