Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I3 Metal Gear System Extruder

I've been wondering for a while what extruder to put on my I3

I decided to try the Metal Gear System Extruder

I ordered a kit online from http://www.reprapsource.com/en/show/6770 

The web site put a scary amount of shipping cost to New Zealand, so I contacted the site owner on #reprap and he was happy to send it via normal post (3.45 EUR) , with the understanding there was no insurance or tracking. I went with this option.

This arrived!

Here are all the parts, as pictured on the site.

Plus some plastics I prepared earlier

And assembled.

It is reasonably easy to assemble but also the main shaft is a bit fiddly

Now the issues:

The mount is for a X carriage with 24mm hole spacing, the standard Prusa I3 has hole spacings of 30mm. They do provide stl files for their own X carriage, but the two lm8uu's and single lm8uu where swapped over. I didn't want to completely rebuild my X axis just to move one lm8uu.

So I made a bigger mount.  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:84228
This is still listed as experimental, as I haven’t actually mounted it on the I3 yet.
The new hole isn't on the extruder, I used the mount as a drill guide and drilled a new hole. 

If I have assembled it correctly. I am one m3 nut short and one m3 bolt short.

I'm also left with four left over parts, which I can't find a use for.

This is probably for a different extruder mounting system

I'm fairly sure I have it assembled correctly, now I'm going to pull it apart again,
The main drive gear on the stepper only over laps the large gear by about 1 mm, I think it should have more contact, so I am going to move it a fraction.

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