Saturday, 4 May 2013

4pi mount for I3

I've been slowly building up my own Prusa I3 Single Sheet Frame

The first challenge for me was that I wished to use my 4pi controller. This is not one of boards that there are mount holes for. In fact its to wide to mount flat on the X axis on the Aluminium directly without large overhangs.

The first step I needed the measurements from the 4pi board.  I started by just measuring the main PCB, While doing this I noticed that the various connectors are somewhat unevenly spaced, so I was going to have to measure this too. I quickly came to the conclusion that this was going to be a lot of work to measure everything.

I then had an Idea. The Eagle brd file is available, and the X and Y position data should be in the file somewhere.  I took a look at the .brd file, it seems to be well structured XML I have no experience with programming and XML, but a friend "Finch" Showed me how to process XML files in Python. The resulting components file was edited by hand to add Z axis data. The resulting Board file was modified slightly to move one component and remove a 6pin connector that isn't on he board.

The result is the following, very accurate 4pi model

This can be found here

So now I have a nice model to work from. I started to work on a way to mount this on my I3.  I wanted a protective box, but not enclosed so I can watch the LED's. With the model it was very easy to make a box for the 4pi and cut out all the required connecter holes.

I added a small Lip to the box so the box wouldn’t rotate when mounted on the mount arms.

The mount proved to be trickery to make that the box, mostly because I was being fancy and added rounded corners.

The mount is "RAMPS" sized, as it is attached to the ramps holes in the plate.

The final parts mounted on the machine

Files are available here
Currently its still "Experimental" as I need to tweak the sizes of the m2 nut traps.

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