Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I3's update

Partial I3 kit going on sale on soonNow (

My personal I3, desperately waiting for smooth rods! (yes the Z threads is in the wrong place, it was just a convenient place to put them for the photo)


  1. Hey!
    Im building a Prusa I3 also. I got the metal frame unfortunatly the mounts for Z axis are printed for a wooden frame version.
    I got the aluminium lasercut frame and was wondering if you know where to get updated STL's so I don't need to drill the alu frame.
    Cool blog!

  2. The current wooden parts (if you set the software switch to plate) are the same holes and have 6mm arms and fit the plate fine. Maybe they where actually printed for a wooden frame... the code for the I3 plastics is at You have to edit the configuration file to your needs and type make to 'compile' the scad into stl files. (you need openscad installed)