Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Taurino Power

I'm considering upgrading my Mendelmax to 24 volts threw out.

One of the issues with that is the standard mega2560 is limited to 12v, so you need to arrange 12volt power, or maybe you could power it from USB (haven’t looked into that)

I needed another RAMPS for annother project anyways so I decided to get the Taurino Power and swap some boards about. The Taurino power is a mega 2560 that is designed to run fine with power up to 35 volts, designed to be powered from a 24volt RAMPS board.

I ordered this 02/19/13 and it arrived in my hands 02/25/13, it actually arrived on 02/22/13, but needed a signature and I wasn’t around so it got delayed over a weekend.  So 3-4 days to New Zealand!

It arrived in a standard FedEx Bag
Wrapped nicely in a bubble wrap bag. I don’t know what they stuck this down with, but the glue they used refused to come off, it preferred to rip the bubble wrap than separate.
Inside that is a nice plastic box.
Inside the case, the board in more bubble wrap, and a nice looking USB cable.

I like the USB cables that you can see the sheilding threw the plastic.
The main board.

The board looks very very nice.

The board comes with a test firmware installed so shortly after turning on the tx led is on solid. It is spitting out a simple test pattern in gcode,

Unfortunately I found that I could not upload new firmware to the board.
After a bit of a think I decided to reflash the boot loader on the 2560. This fixed this issue. I can now upload fine.

I also found I couldn’t talk to this board at 250000 baud, but I suspect this is related to my machine.  The more standard baud rates work fine.


  1. hi, where did you buy it? at what cost?

  2. has auctions and buy now of $29.90 USD + Shipping