Tuesday, 8 January 2013

12v to 24v converter and mount

I wanted a way to mount the converter where I had my Soild state relay inside the frame. Firstly as there was a nice space there and secondly it holds the cover over the back of the mains plug in place.

I had to design my own thing again...  Getting quite good at simple scad things


I added a 50mm fan to the converter, as I've been told it runs warm. Attached with 3 bolts onto the other side of the heat sink. There should be 4 but as per usual I was one bolt short.

It is now mounted on the frame, and the input power and fan have been wired up.

I haven’t found any official documents on how its meant to be wired up.

But I did find this in the mendelmax google group .

  • Connect the Input lines of the step up to the PSU. 
  • Connect the the + line of the HBP to the + out on the step up.
  • Connect the - line on the HBP to the - pin on the D8 FET on the RAMPS board.
Also with a warning

"It's been discussed previously on this group that the step-up
converters can't handle full bed power. They're pre-set to 19v since
they don't burn up at that output voltage."

The concerns I have with this way of wiring it is there are no fuses between the power supply and the HBP, and its a 24volt kapton heater, how badly is 19v going to slow it down or cripple it?

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