Monday, 24 December 2012

Linear Rail Y Axis Upgrade Kit for MendelMax 1.5

 I Shouted myself a Linear Rail Y Axis Upgrade Kit for MendelMax 1.5 from TrinityLabs for xmas (but of course just after ordering it release there v2.0 of the same kit.)

I ordered it a bit late and expected it to turn up mid Janurary. But it only took 5 days to get to New Zealand, then sat in customs for a further 5 days... But still got to me on the 20th.

The package, arrived in one piece and didn’t sound like broken glass (I was very concerned that the borosilicate glass would be broken before it got to me)

I needn’t have worried it was very well wrapped

One layer removed, can almost see the parts

Another layer removed, this is a bit like parse the parcel, without the passing.   

Almost there

This is the contents of the bag.

The 24 volt HBP, why they include a 24volt HBP and a 12v to 24v converter vs a 12 volt HBP (which they have on their site) I don't know..

Finally the Aluminium heat spreader.

I dint take a photo of the glass, as it just looks like a sheet of glass...

To assemble this I referred to the online manual 

I have to say the manual is not entirely accurate.

The parts list list "(11) T-Slot nuts" when in fact there are only 7 of the pictured type.

They include 4 of these instead. (Apparently theses are t-slot nuts, just of a type that I haven’t seen before. But they are still not pictured in the manual)

They seem to go into the t-slot under the linear rail for the 90° Misumi mounts.

 Finished Y-axis, bottom view

Top view, picks up fingerprints like anything!

 The heater attached to the heat spreader.

The HBP on the Y-axis.

For some reason they have gone back to using bulldog clips, wasting lots of surface area that could be used for printing.  Originally they used a nice corner bracket thing which enabled us to use the entire build surface.  
I will be looking at going back to that method soon.

Time to upgrade.

This is my current Mendelmax from the bottom

A short time later, the Original Y axis has been removed

Some time later, the new Y-axis is installed. It was not easy..  the new piece of t-slot is a very very tight fit.

Another small issue with the manual is the pictures describing how the belt is connected is a bit inaccurate and vague. The image clearly shows 4 zip ties, when only two are supplied and mentioned. Also the belt in the image is twisted so that the flat of the belt goes over the bearing. This is also not mentioned in the docs.   

This is where the manual ends. No mention of the electronics at all!

The 12v to 24v converter is mostly self documenting, in that the inputs and output are documented on the PCB. But important things like how much current it draws so you can use the correct wire to the ramps is missing!

I will have to wire it up next time.

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