Friday, 26 October 2012

The Rostock moves!

I hooked up the steppers and end stops today to my Rostock

I then wrote a simple bash script to generate gcode movements (rand x,y,z from -50 to +50)

It moves!!!  in its expected delta way!

Some gotchas:

You need to have the end stops enabled and attached, the first thing the rostock firmware wants to do before any moves is home upwards to the end stops.

I got around this by powering up without end stops (since my end stops are normally closed) So it presumed that power on positions was (0,0,0) I then attached end stops to allow it to move with out warnings.

Secondly, its really loud!!!  Most of the time you have all 3 steppers moving, and the wooden base seems to be amplifying the sounds. It may get quieter once I add the side boards and turn it up the correct way (currently running upside down)

  Just some random moves

1 comment:

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