Friday, 28 September 2012

Crispy wires!

I was upgrading my Sanguinololu electronics from a version 1.0 to a 1.3a board today
so I could play with Marlin and to generally keep up to date.

I found the following when wiring it in.

Some rather crispy  wires and connectors!.

The red wires have gone black as has the connector block.

Definatly time to replace this part.

This was to my heated build platform.

Other than this the upgrade seems to have gone well. I just recompiled the firmware with the new board type, uploaded and all seem to go.  Still to do a real print though.
But now I will have to fix the HBP first...

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  1. A lot of connectors can't take the amperage we put through them. I have pretty much standardized on XT60 (cheap, small and can handle up to 60amps, polarized, and compatible with RC batteries so you can just plug the reprap into a 12V RC battery) for all my 12V connections.

    Plus I made all sorts of handy XT60 widgets I can insert anywhere, a power switch, a tap for a multimeter with banana plugs, a current/voltage sensor, basically a kill-a-watt to figure out how much power things are using, an inline fuse. I have found it great for prototyping to have decided on a standard low voltage DC connector and running with it.