Thursday, 30 August 2012

Rostock Plastics

And now for something sort of different, to paraphrase Monty python.

A Set of Rostock Plastics

The multi colours is partly deliberate. The tinted colours are stiffer and thus a good idea for the rods. The Blue ran out, so I used some green.

I nearly missed the Hot end of the bowden cable as the documentation didn't really mention it.

The rods where 'fun' to print. The stl on thingiverse had some issues and needed running threw netfab to fix them. They are also really long. The print area on a standard Prusa is about 200x200. Most have a much shorter X carriage due to the extruder. I had to remove my x end stop and run without it to get a full 200x200 and then it still needs to be printed diagonally and without a skirt.

This set isn’t for me, my set is next!

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