Saturday, 18 August 2012

New toys and annother Prusa I2 set

I had some more 'toys' arrive in the mail yesterday

Geared stepper motor 1:50, 7Ω, 12V, 0.4Amp, 1.0Nm
Driver Pulley, ID 5mm
Catridge heater ~30W/12V

I am hoping to turn the steppers and pulleys into a dual extruder for the MendelMax at some point. The Cartridge heaters are for playing with Nylon, which needs 350C or maybe the dual extruder hot ends, time will tell.

I printed out a set of the latest iteration 2 Prusa parts.

Quite a bit has changed since I last looked.
The X-ends have been simplified, the thin hole for the zip ties has been removed in favour of some hollows.  The X carriage has no nut holders and the lm8uu holders have been simplified . The Bearing guides have also been made thicker.

This particular set has a wade deigned for Viks 18mm hotend


  1. awful hotends (
    probably I even can`t understand what is wrong with that people who use PTFE for a barrel with out any support. (

    mine nozzels are better)

  2. Agreed, I also don't like PTFE barrels.. But the customer gets what they want. I did try and talk them out of it.