Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Amber Prusa

Another set of Prusa iteration 2 plastics, in orange tint. Very nice to look at.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Mendelmax Progress

I finally got some motivation today to do some stuff with my mendelmax

Its been moving in x,y and z for a while, but I haven't been happy with the y axis.  It would skip, regularly, and I had the current on the stepper controller up as high as I was willing to go (to the point I can hear it whine) and the friction down as much as possible. It just has to much mass!
Today I swapped my Y stepper for one I knew had more torque.

I dont have a print head yet, but I faked a print job printing at 250mm and it seems to be moving ok at those speeds (spoke to soon, still skips on y...)

I recently got a cheap digital video camera thing, so I videoed a small part of the test


The 'print head' is a dial guage, the next step is to level the bed.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Set of Mendelmax Plastics in transparent Blue

Its been a while since I posted anything so I though I would just post this as a quick update.

I've been printing a set of Transparent Blue Mendelmax 1.5 Plastics for a friend.

There is fractionally more than 100m of plastic here, the X ends for Precision Acme Leadscrews with Delrin nuts use lots!

He also wanted Herringbone Gears for the extruder.

I found this blue really didn't like bridging that much... I couldn't find a nice setting for it, but it worked well enough.