Saturday, 26 May 2012

Dark blue Prusa Iteration 2

I've been quite busy of late. I had to rebuild my Main computer after a dead Hard drive.  Back up your computer, regularly! (Do it now!) I had data backups but no full backup, so I'm still rebuilding...

Anyway, I met a local guy via He purchased some Reprap PCB's then when he picked them up he noticed I had a working Prusa and also wanted a set of plastics in Dark Blue.

So here they are!

Under normal house lights they look somewhat purple.

My printer is finally printing without creating lots of strings!  These are straight from the printer, very little clean up.

The forums on the strings issue insisted that the slop between the driver gear and the large gear on the extruder causes strings.
Well that slop is still there and the problem has been fixed with software.

Unfortunately I can't say what exactly, the issue fixed itself when I switched from SFACT to slic3r. If you haven't tried slic3r, I highly recommend that you do! 


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Weird gcode idea

I had an idea last night.

Generating gcode is a pain, and regenerating it if you change filament to another diameter is twice the pain.

Thinking on this, what changes between gcode generations?

a) Temperature
b) E Steps

Well I don't put temperature code into my gcode, so thats not an issue

E steps change as the diameter changes.

So why don't we normalize E to be diameter independent?  Ie take current E-stepsper mm  and divide by the diameter?

This would generate gcode that can be reused. The down side is you would have to define the filament radius somewhere and tell the firmware to multiply e-steps by that number...

I haven't tried this yet

The maths may be more complicated than just a simple divide by diameter. It may require some sort of cylinder volume maths...

Something to think on...