Monday, 16 April 2012

Quadcopter assembly

This is my attempt at building a quadcopter.

You need the following:
The flight control board
This is a MWC MuliWii Lite pre configured for 4-axis Flight in QuadX mode.
I got this from

Connecting wire,
R12A1062-06 Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 12AWG (1mtr) RED

B12A1062-06 Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 12AWG (1mtr) BLAC

B16A483-06 Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 16AWG (1mtr) BLAC

R16A483-06 Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 16AWG (1mtr) Red

Brushless motors 4x A2208-17 1000KV

Motor Controlers Esc: 4x TURNIGY Plush 12amp (2A BEC) BESC
The BEC is a battery eliminator circuit, this converts your battery voltage down to 5v to power the control board and radio receiver. This is part of the ESC. 

A Lupo battery

Connectors for the Lipo

And you need a set of plastics the PL2Q


The first thing I found is the standard arms for the PL2Q just didn't work for me
The motor controllers where far to close to the motors. Second thing I notice was the motor controller was not going to fit very well.

The under side of the motor controller, looks like this, with two voltage regulators on top of each other, making a large lump. This would never sit well on a flat surface.

I decided to design my own arms with holes crafted to fit the above weird shape. They have support structures that are broken out to for a nice hole for the motor controller, the plastic that is left in this area is solid for strength.

The motor controller in place, held by a zip tie.

The motors came with connectors, I soldered these to the motor wires and insulated with heat shrink.
The motor assembly is a little tricky to get on. Firstly slip a large piece of heat shrink over the motor holder. (note this is a modified motor holder without any controller cutouts) Press the empty motor holder into place on the arm, with the motor wires in to the empty motor holder. Plug the motor leads in. Carefully push the motor into place while pulling the wires over the motor controller. Then pull the heat shrink over the motor controller and wires.  I have not heated the shrink wrap yet as I want to test them first.    

Add the four completed arms to the main body, you need to remove the 3 plug pins from their housing, then slip the wires threw the housing holes and put the pins back into their housing.

Add in the power lines. This is a X shape with the battery wires connected to the center to form a 5 legged thing. you need two, one for positive and one for ground.

Join the motor controller power leads to the power X. I found joining wires a pain, until I started using the above tool. It simply holds the two wire correctly in place to be soldered, no more burnt fingers trying to hold wires together!

All motor controllers are wired up and the batter connector has been attached.

Power on!

At this point I noticed something was sizzling!  This is not a good sign!

I tracked to sizzling down the the main controller, to the yet unused serial pins.
This was odd as nothing was connected to these pins yet. I had noticed the board was not very clean. So I removed the serial connector cleaned the board and put a new serial connector on the board. This fixed the sizzling.

I have since discover there seems to be a dry joint somewhere, the pitch control keeps going to 1000 (low) This will need to be fixed.

More to come. Including remote control setup information and channel info.

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  1. nice work! looking forward to see this choper in the air!!!