Saturday, 28 April 2012

printing at 90 micron layers! and software updates

Its been a weekend of upgrades.

I run Ubuntu 64 bit linux for my reprap machine. This week Ubuntu released 12.04LTS, I have upgraded. So far no issues.

I have also switched to using Slic3r from SFACT.

I installed the precomputed Slic3r binaries from here

Since I run 64 bit and this is a 32 bit binary I also had to install the 32-bit support libraries (ia32-libs and ia32-libs-gtk packages).

You then need to configure pronterface to use Slic3r

Set the following to settings.
slicecommand:  {full_path_to}slic3r $s --load config.ini --output $o
sliceoptscommand: {full_path_to}slic3r --load config.ini --ignore-nonexistent-config

You then have to setup Slic3r for your printer (very easy if you have set up anything before)

Part of the reason I have updated to Slic3r is I wanted to try and print with 0.09mm layers and Slicer makes this very easy, you just have to change the layer height and it does all the other maths for you!.

The reason I wanted to try this is I have seen a lot of advertising of late for the Ultmaker, saying there are better than everyone else as they can print at 50 microns. I have looked at their hardware and software and there doesn't seem to be anything particularly special about it.

This is my first results, printed with 0.09 (90 micron layer height!)
This is

The print looks brilliant!, but isn't perfect but its so close. I am very happy with the results.  (there is an issue on the top on the head between the ears)

 Under a bit of magnification, still cant see the lines! (you can see a patten, but not make out individual lines)

The highest magnification over the tail, still looks brilliant!

The negative is of course speed. This took 4 hours to print!


  1. Wow, this is really coming together! Good stuff.

  2. That is ridiculouly good.
    Was this on the men max or prusa

    1. Its the Prusa, things like this keep distracting me from finishing the Mendelmax... :)