Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Printed Quadcopter body

I decided to print some of my own stuff last weekend 

So I printed the PL2Q Hugin quadcopter body

This is the option without the camera or transmitter mount. If I can get this to fly, I will be looking into FPV (first person view)  later.

The motor arms on mine are shorter than 'normal', the original arms are 140mm tall and printed vertically, the Prusa can only print ~100mm high. So I shrunk the arms to 100mm.
(I could have printed these on the Mendelmax, If I had it working!) 

I'm unsure if I should publish this trivial update to thingiverse or not... it is trivial, but you do have to learn a little Google sketchup to edit it.

Plans for Easter: Finish Mendelmax and install electronics into quadcopter

I've been planning the quadcopter for a while and have collected most of the parts required.

Unfortunately the props are still winging (sorry had to!) there way here from overseas. So I will not be able to get it to fly this long weekend.


  1. Looking good. What electronics are you using for the quadcopter?

    1. See for recommended electronics

  2. The longer arms 140mm would probably give it better stability, but 100mm should work. Have you weighed it yet if so how much does it weigh?

    Cool project, I've only recently started researching Reprap 3D printers, leaning toward the Prusa Mendel initially because it's so heavily documented and the price is somewhat reasonable, but I do like how much more stable (and print area!) that the Mendel Max design offers.

    Thanks for sharing your quadcopter project.

    1. The Original apparently weighs 231.6g. mine is 206g Probably as I didn't 100% full print any of it. I don't think its needed. But I also print at 0.25 layers and its very strong. (I will find out when it crash it :P )
      NB its not my design, I'm just trying to make it