Friday, 6 April 2012

Mendelmax update

I finally put the belt on the Y axis 

The best way seem to be with zip ties! Fixing one end to itself in a loop

The other end is also fixed to itself in a loop, but this is joined to the Y axis with more zip ties, this allows for easy tightening of the belt.

I decided I liked this idea so much I've done the same on the X axis.

I have also replaced my X carriage with a single piece design. This removed enough of the variables to allow me to get the X axis running smoothly. (the space between the two parallel rods was fractionally to small, this was fixed with a very light filing of the x-ends holes.)    


    might help with your X axis.

    looks awesome by the way

    1. I hadn't seen that, maybe next time I have to take the belt off