Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yellow Mendelmax parts

I've been printing a set of Yellow Mendelmax plastics for a fellow repraper

There is more work in a set of Mendelmax plastics than a Prusa, and lot more plastic. I almost used all the 100m. At one point I was a bit fearful I was going to run out of plastics before the set was done!

The full set of plastics, sort or arranged together in some sort of related to each other order


  1. hi! I am a begginer with 3d printing, and I am thinking about building a mendelmax. Do you sell this kit?

    any advice would be much apreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance xD

    1. I sell plastics parts locally only (Ie In New Zealand)
      As far as I know the only place to get full kits is you can get plastics from a few places

  2. Are you kind enough to ship out the plastic parts? The parts looked awesome