Saturday, 10 March 2012

Parts from!

This morning I received a box from!

Its a box!

crammed with packaging!
 And goodies!
And more goodies hidden in the packaging
A plastic pipe?
A bag of laser cut parts
More laser cut parts
Everything else
The bag or laser cut parts reveled, its the Y platform, in kit set.
The other laser cut parts, its  box for the Solid State Relay.
The main package, Milled Aluminium build platform, insulation, heater element, Thermistor and wires, SSR, bushings,belts and pulleys and two bags of nuts and bolts, one for the Y axis and one for the SSR box.
 The smooth rods are nicely packed in the plastic pipe
This is the build platform nicely milled, unfortunately its already scratched!
A bag of bushings, 10mm and 8mm
 Thermistor and cables
Belts and pulleys

More tomorrow...

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