Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mendelmax Y-axis build

I finally got some time to assemble the Y-axis

Laser cut Y-axis assembled (after a bit of Q&A in the MendelMax IRC channel
Smooth rod in the bushings
Y-axis in place
NB the Printed Y Rod Mount have been replaced with laser cut parts, There is also a thin piece of rubber in between the extrusion and the laser cut part.
The assembled Thermistor, it is just soldered onto the wire, this concerns me a little. I put heat shrink on it.
The underside of the Milled aluminum build platform, the silicon heater is stuck down (its a large sicker!) and the Thermistor is taped into the hole in the center of the heater.
Insulation installed over the heater. The Thermistor cable is poked threw a slit in the middle. I attached the thermistor cable to the heater cable with a zip tie to stop it moving about. For holes have been drilled for the 4 mounting screws. NB This is not the recommended way, you meant to trim the insulation away from where the laser cuts parts sit. But I thought i would give this a try,
Underside of the Y Axis when attached to the laser cut platform.
Build Platform Done.  Moves very nicely on the busings.


  1. This is looking pretty darn nice I must say.

  2. What did you use for insulation? That almost looks like Styrofoam.

    1. I believe its this stuff