Monday, 26 March 2012

Mendelmax mechanical mostly done

Things aren't quite done yet, no Y axis belt, no extruder small gear and the extruder is just sitting there for looks.

Things haven't gone that smooth getting here.

The X axis pulley rubbed against the plastics, and I couldn't determine where, in days gone by I would have used some carbon paper between the pulley and the plastics to mark where it was touching. Instead I painted the edge of the pulley with a black maker then rotated it till it jammed on the plastics. This works and I was able to file a small hollow to allow the Pulley to turn freely.

Bushings, I think I hate bushings! If they are aligned correctly they work very nicely, but.. getting them aligned nicely is trying my patience big time!
Particularly troublesome is the X carriage, best I have managed so far is 3 bushings, no matter what I do with the 4th, it locks up.  I think part of it is the X carriage itself, it has 4 separate bushing holders, each with seemingly infinite movement in two axis... this makes it very hard to align them

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