Monday, 26 March 2012

Mendelmax mechanical mostly done

Things aren't quite done yet, no Y axis belt, no extruder small gear and the extruder is just sitting there for looks.

Things haven't gone that smooth getting here.

The X axis pulley rubbed against the plastics, and I couldn't determine where, in days gone by I would have used some carbon paper between the pulley and the plastics to mark where it was touching. Instead I painted the edge of the pulley with a black maker then rotated it till it jammed on the plastics. This works and I was able to file a small hollow to allow the Pulley to turn freely.

Bushings, I think I hate bushings! If they are aligned correctly they work very nicely, but.. getting them aligned nicely is trying my patience big time!
Particularly troublesome is the X carriage, best I have managed so far is 3 bushings, no matter what I do with the 4th, it locks up.  I think part of it is the X carriage itself, it has 4 separate bushing holders, each with seemingly infinite movement in two axis... this makes it very hard to align them

Friday, 23 March 2012

More parts from mendelmax and X axis

A suspicious package!
 The contents
Z Axis Couplers - 5mm to 1/4 inch and ...

M8 bushings and Pair of 1/4" Acme leadcscrews and nuts
 Z steppers with new couplers
 X carriage with new bushes on X axis

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mendelmax Y-axis build

I finally got some time to assemble the Y-axis

Laser cut Y-axis assembled (after a bit of Q&A in the MendelMax IRC channel
Smooth rod in the bushings
Y-axis in place
NB the Printed Y Rod Mount have been replaced with laser cut parts, There is also a thin piece of rubber in between the extrusion and the laser cut part.
The assembled Thermistor, it is just soldered onto the wire, this concerns me a little. I put heat shrink on it.
The underside of the Milled aluminum build platform, the silicon heater is stuck down (its a large sicker!) and the Thermistor is taped into the hole in the center of the heater.
Insulation installed over the heater. The Thermistor cable is poked threw a slit in the middle. I attached the thermistor cable to the heater cable with a zip tie to stop it moving about. For holes have been drilled for the 4 mounting screws. NB This is not the recommended way, you meant to trim the insulation away from where the laser cuts parts sit. But I thought i would give this a try,
Underside of the Y Axis when attached to the laser cut platform.
Build Platform Done.  Moves very nicely on the busings.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Parts from!

This morning I received a box from!

Its a box!

crammed with packaging!
 And goodies!
And more goodies hidden in the packaging
A plastic pipe?
A bag of laser cut parts
More laser cut parts
Everything else
The bag or laser cut parts reveled, its the Y platform, in kit set.
The other laser cut parts, its  box for the Solid State Relay.
The main package, Milled Aluminium build platform, insulation, heater element, Thermistor and wires, SSR, bushings,belts and pulleys and two bags of nuts and bolts, one for the Y axis and one for the SSR box.
 The smooth rods are nicely packed in the plastic pipe
This is the build platform nicely milled, unfortunately its already scratched!
A bag of bushings, 10mm and 8mm
 Thermistor and cables
Belts and pulleys

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yellow Mendelmax parts

I've been printing a set of Yellow Mendelmax plastics for a fellow repraper

There is more work in a set of Mendelmax plastics than a Prusa, and lot more plastic. I almost used all the 100m. At one point I was a bit fearful I was going to run out of plastics before the set was done!

The full set of plastics, sort or arranged together in some sort of related to each other order