Saturday, 11 February 2012

3 things, silica gel,mendelmax and sprinter

I use Silica Gel in my large container where I store my PLA, to absorb any moisture, the issue with this is it is use once. The stuff I have starts off yellow and turn dark blue when used. I decided in a stroke of 'madness' that I would try and remove the water from the used silica gel, by putting them in the microwave, to my surprise after two bursts of 1min on high, the Silica Gel is yellow again! I dripped a drop of water onto one of the crystals and it tuned blue again, so it still works.  The Crystals are not as nice and round as they started out, most have deteriorated and cracked, but should extend the life 2-3 times.  I have no way to determine how effective the recycled stuff is in comparison to the original.

Anyone thinking about making a Mendelmax, they have now opened up a online shop This makes getting the t-slot so much easyer for us New Zealanders. Still not particularly cheap with shipping... But better than anything local thus far.

I recently wanted to re-tune/verify my reprap e-steps. In sprinter is a very nice command M92 this enables you to override the value store in firmware for how many steps per mm for any axis including E. This enables you to set a new value and test without having to re-flash your firmware every time.  This is very very useful!.  This is only designed to find your perfect steps per mm value, you should still flash this value after you have worked it out. The M92 command is forgotten after a reset.

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