Saturday, 7 January 2012

Mendelmax Frame

Two weeks ago I assembled my mendelmax frame.

I'm not going to go into details how to assemble this, this is well documented on the web here

This is just my attempt at following these directions :)

I spent some time tapping the t-slot and drilling the two holes, as I didn't want to muck it up. Since I had no spares!

I thought I had all the required tools, only to find that not all tap handles are equal.  The t-slot needs to have some of the ends taped with a M5 tap. Unfortunately my tap handle can only hold taps M6 - M12.

Getting another Tap handle wasn't an option, as this was X-mas holidays time. Nothing is open!

I printed a M6 to M5 converter in PLA, this worked for two taps then the inside M5 part got stripped, PLA is just not strong enough. I then made some tiny aluminum jaws out of some L aluminum scraps I had.  This worked fine and allowed me to complete all 16 taps. Making the jaws nearly took as long as the taping!

First plastics and t-slot joined.

Front and back of the mendelmax

Both front and back joined with upper side bars.
If you look closely you can see the self tapped screws to the top of the four t-slot sections.

Lower side bars attached.

Top t-slot added. This is attached via the recessed self tapping screws I pointed out before. You really need a real Torx T-25 screwdriver for this. The head is 18mm down a 6mm diameter hole, and most magnetic tip changeable screwdrivers are just far to wide (like mine was)   

This is the basic MendelMax frame finished

I don't have any "Top Vertex Y 2 off" as the docs didn't mention these. I talked to the creator of the MendelMax about these, he said they are probably going to drop these parts as they are not needed.

I was planning on reusing my smooth rods from my Prusa, unfortunately you can't.  The Prusa Y is reusable as the MendelMax Y axis, but the Prusa Z is to small, the Y from the Prusa can be used as the Z on the MendelMax, but you have to get new Y smooth rods.

I'm now waiting for new smooth rod.

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