Tuesday, 3 January 2012

first update in 2012

Been keeping the reprap busy

I printed out a second green set of Prusa Iteration 2 parts for a customer, looks identical to the last set, so I didnt bother taking photos.

Today I started on an orange set for another customer.

I've not had any issues with my printer in some time, not even a nut has come loose, so I decided I would try printing a plate of vertex's estimated print time 8 hours!  (considering we have had over 40+ earthquakes in the last week, many over 4, some over 5, resulting in damages and loss of power in some areas. Probably not the best of ideas... but...)

First I had to regenerate the plates stl, to use my configuration.scad, this is not done automatically by the provided generation scripts with prusa iteration 2 source files.

They printed fine! and only took 6 hours 57 mins, thats 69.5 mins per vertex!
(I'm printing with a .35mm nozzle, and .25mm layers, 105mm/s max speed)

The reprap itself seems very tolerant of earthquakes, it wobbles, but the  x,y and z don't seem to move withing the frame. I may have to invest in a UPS at some stage though, for paranoia sake.

I'm not sure I would like to do this with the other plates, my retraction still doesn't work 100% 

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