Sunday, 11 December 2011

Prusa Iteration 2

Recently Prusa released Prusa Iteration 2

I Printed off a set

Basically its the official collection of all the best ideas since the first version.

This is the LM8UU version, with Printed LM8UU's in place in stead of bushings. I like this version as you can easily change to real LM8UU's by just carefully swapping the printed LM8UU's with real ones.

Anyone else who is planning to print these should heed the following warning.
At this time there are some bugs in the design of some of these pieces.

Prusa decided that it was better to have edge to edge measurements for nuts in the metric.scad and configuration.scad file vs. the original measurement which where point to point. Unfortunately. The Extruder parts still presume the latter, so when they get printed all nuts holes are under size.

I have alerted Prusa to this, and I am sure it will be fixed soon, but in the mean time you may want to print the wades extruder from thingiverse


  1. That was 6 years ago!! Also that is totally obsolete now.. Wow, I am amazed, the info is still online