Sunday, 6 November 2011

T-slot Aluminum

Ive been trying to get some T-slot Aluminum, as I would really like to build a mendelmax and a few other projects based on this sort of extruded aluminum

Unfortunately It seem like New Zealand is very much still stuck in the dark ages!
This stiff is nearly imposable to get...  Even though we make aluminum!

From the mendelmax site, parts from Misumi:

Part NumberQuantityPrice Ea. (USD/Euro*)Extended Price(USD/Euro)
HFS5-2020-420**6$2.15$13.10420mm extrusions
HFS5-2020-340**4$1.77$7.07340mm Extrusions
HFS5-2020-300**4$1.56$6.24300mm Extrusions
HNKK5-51$19.32$19.32T-Slot nuts for 5mm screws, bag of 100
HTJ54$.49$1.96Self-tapping screws for blind joints


This is in USD.

So first I attempted to contacted Misuni, their web site it separated into geographic regions. New Zealand is part of their singapore site

I attempted to sign up, only to find the site wouldn't allow you to select New Zealand from their Country pull down menu. This was not a good start. Their sign up was also full of company related questions.

I e-mailed their support and after fighting with their engrish I eventually got the reply
"I had checked with our management, sorry to inform you that according to our company policy, we are not able to sell to Individual. We can only lease with corporate company. You cannot purchase our products locally in New Zealand as we do not have any branch, agent there."

I then tried a few local places, while waiting for replies from the other international suppliers listed on mendelmax, "no sorry that’s not one of our standards"  But they did offer to make me some if I wanted a large quantity.  I never found out just how much that was, but it was alot more than the 13 meters I wanted. 

Ullrich Aluminium, "Unfortunatley we have nothing in that size 20x20mm t-slot, our only one is a 57x32mm."

Bosch finally replied that there was none in New Zealand or Australia, but they could ship some to me. I got a quote, $599.10!! +GST +$190 shipping!!!!
Thats $920 odd dollars!!!  I could fly to America and pick it up myself for less than that!!!

I am still looking, but it is most likely I will get a friend to get it from the USA (where misumi will allow individuals to purchase) and then ship it here.


  1. Hi Dust,

    I have found a Kiwi supplier for a very similar Aluminium Extrusion Profile.

    I would like to get in touch to see if we can come to an arrangment over a set of PLA parts for a mendelmax...

  2. Part of the arrangement would be full disclosure of the suppler so others can avoid the hassle of sourcing t-slot.

    Send me an e-mail or a txt

  3. Autoline in the South island are agents for Maytec and stock the extrusion you want.

  4. china also have many best supplier of aluminum with best service .
    send you details to (
    I will reply to you asap