Monday, 13 June 2011

Sanguinololu construction

This is one of the new all in one boards to control a reprap. For details see Sanguinololu 

I got sent this motherboard from a guy I met on the #reprap  and I orded all the parts from 

I assembled it as per the instructions on the above page.

The empty board

The hardest part, a tiny surface mount IC. This is the Serial over USB chip.

The rest of the USB assembly.  I tested this, the computer found a new serial device as it should. :)

Add in the headers for the Pololu stepper controller Boards

Added in the Jumpers

And related Pololu resistors and Capacitors

Add in the CPU holder and Crystal and remaining components.

And inserted the CPU.

The connectors are on just to stop the pins being bent.

I haven't tested this yet, and I need to borrow a Programmer from work to put boot loader into it.


  1. Do you have the Mouser reference for the red connectors and the corresponding crimp metal plugs that you used with them?

  2. These red connectors are no longer recommended, they come with the metal, but are push connectors that are meant to bind into the wire.. This works well if you have the exact size of wire needed. I have had to replace all of them as they would cause lots of random disconnects. I replaced them with mouser parts 538-22-01-1022 (2 pin) 538-22-01-1032 (3 pin) and 538-22-01-1042 (4 pin) The metal inserts I got locally not threw mouser, but 538-08-70-0069 looks good (please check with someone else before ordering these to confirm)

  3. Hi
    I have the same board. And my ubs serial chip came loose. Now I'm trying to find a new part to solder again. Any chance you might know what part number is the usb? I would be of real help. Thanks!

    1. Its a FT232RL see