Saturday, 4 June 2011

The good the bad and the ugly

When things go well, I can get really good 3D prints

These are really nice prints, accurate and looking nice, they glisten in the sun and look like spun candy!

But things don't always go so smoothly.

When I first built this machine I really didn't like the way the Y axis was made
It consists of a nut, a Fender washer, a small washer, a bearing, another small washer, another fender washer and another nut.

The belt is meant to run over the bearing. But the belt is only 5mm and the gap it is in is about 9mm and the belt likes to wander about, left or right, but never staying in the center. This is really bad. Eventually the belt wanders so far off center it binds solid to the Fender washer, which don't move, and all Y movement stops solid.  This has happened to many times now.

So I have replaced this arrange meant with a printed part
Now no matter how much it feels like moving, it cant bind as all parts it can touch move around the bearing on the inside of this belt holder.

Unfortunately when It locked up last time it broke the glue holding my Pulley to the stepper motor shaft.

But i didn't know this till after the next print
This is really ugly, as you can see the are gaps in the Y axis cased by the Pulley not being fixed any more.

The problem is all fixed again now (the top images where printed after this was fixed.)

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