Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ive joined the reprap breading program!

Firstly an update, The new Pulleys work brilliantly, im not saying all issues are solved, but its a lot closer.

I've been printing up a storm, well lots of Prusa parts.

I have started to make a second machine, the basic idea is to have two machines, one for printing and one to experiment with.

I got myself a angle grinder and and cutting frame, has made the job of cutting the M8 thread much easier than a dremel 

Ive Started printing out a second set of plastics for myself in purple!

But unfortunately I ran out of purple, and had to print the rest in white.

I assembled the purple parts

I've decided that this looks really good and and I am going to have to make a fully purple one.

I also recently found out about the reprap irc channel irc://freenode/Reprap
Lots of really clued up people all building or contributing to the on going development of the reprap.

There I met a guy also from Christchurch who was desperately after a set of plastics.

So I've completed the rest of the set in white, and sold it to him for probably far to cheap...

But there is a caveat, I can't print the pulleys well enough for my liking.
I'm fairly sure you just cant get the detail in these pulleys with an extruder nozzle of 0.5mm  It just needs something smaller. 

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