Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Z axis update and Purple!

The Glue on the last part of the replacement Z axis is dry.  The alignment is now much better, my repstrap probably needed a bit more tweaking before I printed the original parts, but I was to impatient!

The Z axis was still very stiff... on both sides, so I pulled it all apart again and had a play. Inside both the x-end-motor and the x-end-idler is a Dual nut arrangement with a spring in between them, The idea is to take up the slop in the drive thread. I Reassembled things and left this Dual nut arrangement as lose as I dared. This has loosened off both Z axis threads a lot and  I am now a lot happier with the Z axis.

I also started to play with the purple PLA today. So its back basics for now, more 20x20x10mm test cubes, and just as well to, I found that my X axis seems fine but my Y axis is out, by a full mm!

Here are various purple test parts

The test cube may all look the same but they aren't, they are various attempts to get the dimensions correct. The top left is the only 20x20x10mm.
I also printed a 40x40x20mm because I wanted to check the size error scaled.
There is also a test part, this shows other issues, things to look at tomorrow.

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