Sunday, 3 April 2011

Z axis issues

I have been continuing to have Z axis issues, but not enough that I cant make it go with a bit a a poke and a prod. So this weekend Ive reprinted on the Prusa the Z motor holders and the X motor holder and idler parts (the other end of the Z Axis).

The new parts are much nicer than the old ones, as this machine is much smoother in its printing that the repstrap was. I am still blown away how much faster the Prusa is also.

Ive have installed the left hand side and it is noticeably better in the Z axis.

On printing out the X axis idler, I ran out of while PLA.  I saw this coming and decided I would try feeding in some of my Glow in the dark PLA as it was printing, just to complete the print.

Surprising this worked fine, the extruder didn't skip a beat.

So I now have a two tone X idler

The top half glows in the dark quite nicely. Sadly I cant seem to convince the camera to take a glow in the dark picture.

Now I have to wait for more white PLA to turn up, I ordered it over a week ago... but I suspect NZ couriers are using snails as beasts of burden.  Its only coming form the North Island. I get things from England faster than this...

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