Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Z axis and hot ends

Today I replaced the final part of the original Z axis, it is currently being held together while glue bonds. Gorilla glue is interesting, its starts out a a fairly runny liquid, but is already sticky, you use it like normal glue, but after about 15 minutes it foams up fulling all gaps. It does take 24 hours to be fully dry etc though. Its not pretty, but is quite tough and easy to remove the dry excess.

When I migrated the parts from my Repstrap I found an issue with the PTFE in the hot end.

The thread has basically turned to charcoal!
I have seen other people with similar issues, especially those who work with ABS which has a higher melting point, the PTFE just cant handle it long term.
In my case this probably happened when my thermistor decided to take a little holiday and things got really hot for a while!

One other limitation of my current hot end is it is "hard coded" to 0.5 mm 
It works fine, but It needs to be completely replaced if I want to experiment with a smaller aperture. Replacement also involves a lot of dissassembly. 

Makergear have the solution for both these issues, they sell a very nice "V3 Hybrid GrooveMount for 3mm filament" Its modular in that you can change the "Big end"  and you change the extruder hole size. The main parts is PEEK and PTFE, providing more strength and heat resistance. It is also really easy to attach with their own grove mount system.

Mine arrived today :)

It also came with chocolate!!! I'm not sure what customs would think of this though, if they where to notice it.

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